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Corney Group is a company that was produced to supply Ethical, Full Spectrum, Organic CBD from Organic Hemp. Corney Group IS NOT A MULTI LEVEL MARKETING COMPANY!!! BEWARE OF THE PRICE GOUGING/AND QUALITY OF THESE COMPANIES AND THEIR PRODUCTS! In his research, Frank Eamon creator of Corney Group and previous Representative of Other CBD business, found that Most items that declared to have CBD did not include Enough( not as many mgs as mentioned) Full Spectrum( Isolate), or perhaps the ideal Cannabinoids. This was not unexpected since CBD was simply legislated federally (all 50 states) this year of 2016 and there are no regulative firms.

This did not sit best with Frank, so started Corney Group

Cannabidiol (CBD for brief) is a substance found in Cannabis. Hemp and Marijuana are 2 kinds of marijuana but are Very different. Cannabis consists of THC, the substance that gets you high. Hemp is high in CBD which has no psychedelic impact. Research has actually revealed that CBD can be helpful to your health in many methods. It does not work for every single one or whatever. The way it works is that is triggers your Endo-cannabinoid system which enables your cells to Chemically interact. It triggers the system inside our bodies to assist itself. Our Body does the Healing. We at Corney Group Strongly Encourage everybody to do their own research about CBD and anything they are thinking about taking in.

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